America's Founders and Founding Principles
Freedom on Display:
Our Founders Vision

America is special because it was founded as a place of liberty and free markets. A place where government serves man and man is free from the arbitrary whims of those in power.

Founders Corner honors those who gave us our founding principles and those who have kept those traditions alive.

Founder's Corner is four,  six foot tall monuments featuring images and quotes from our founders and their heirs as well as exerpts from our founding documents.


Founders Corner at Night, fully lit monuments.

Close up of the Individual Liberty monument.

Founders Corner is located between Washington and Jefferson Circles in
St. Petersburg, Florida.

National Lemonade
Stand and BakeSale Day!
Was a Big Successs!

Lemonade Stand Facebook Page.

Liberty and Justice Rally (1/21/12) was a great success! Thanks to all who helped and who came. Read More here.

Fall Art Festival (11/11) was a huge success!

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